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Practiced for millennia for the connection and balance of mind, body and spirit.



Our Crystal Infused Water Bottles makes it simple to infuse your daily life the power of pure natural crystals. Encourage positive energy and warmth while uplifting your mood and personal vibrations.


Explore our collection of Crystal Elixirs - Crystal Point Bottles, Gemstone Elixir Bottles with Tea & Fruit Infusers, Gem Elixir Straws and more.

Amethyst is understood for its balancing energy and the ability to promoting peace and overall well-being while Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of love and is acknowledged for encouraging self-love, compassion, forgiveness, warmth and inner healing.

💧 Stay Balanced & Centered 💧

Pure natural crystals purifies your water while infusing it with powerful vibrational energy from the Earth. This gives you the best quality drink while also improving your mood and emotional energy.

💜 Portable and Stylish 💜

This is one of the amazing features that makes our water bottle a must have. It's portable and stylish design allows you to carry it around easily and with confidence.

🌎 Natural & Eco-Friendly 🌎

Made from natural materials including borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and natural quartz, our Crystal Infused Water Bottles are natural, yet durable and will deliver just as promised. BPA & Lead Free!


Our Crystal Infused Water Bottles ships within 24 hours, Monday-Friday and delivered within 1-3 business days. Plus comes with our NO RISK, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.


A Crystal Infused Water Bottle made is with natural genuine crystals that not only look stunning, but also brings a bunch of health benefits. Our crystal infused water bottles will become your go-to for both everyday use and your spiritual practices, such as yoga or meditation.  

Crystal elixir is one of the easiest yet efficient ways to direct the healing energy from the crystals to your body and mind. These magical water bottles are filled with awesome benefits, such as:

- Bringing balance and harmony into your busy life

- Giving that extra love and care we all crave

- Changing your energy depending on the crystal you use

- Promoting general wellbeing

- Enhancing your mindfulness, especially when combined with meditation

- Making you look trendy and classy with a stunning gem bottle 

Water is the most basic yet a complicated liquid that is very sensitive to energy fields. When having a crystal in your bottle, your water absorbs the energy from that crystal, amplifies it and directs it to your body and mind with every sip. Crystal elixirs are not a new thing - they have been around for thousands of years, as ancient healers used crystal infused water in their rituals. Today we are lucky to have crystal water bottles that can accompany us wherever we go and give us that extra energy and peace of mind when we need it. 

Nothing can be easier than getting energized with Crystal Infused Water Bottles from TARAH CO. - simply fill your bottle with water, give it a few moments , and enjoy your healing drink!

Absolutely. We highly recommend that you wash all of the parts of your bottle with a mild soap in lukewarm water. Otherwise dust and other unwanted particles might end up in your drink.

Our crystal bottles are made of high-quality durable glass, stainless steel crystal base and cup, and surely natural crystals that infuses your water with positive energy.

Sure. Depending on the bottle that you choose, the crystals are attached to the base or enclosed in a chamber, both can be easily removed when cleaning your water bottle.

Yes, the glass body of the bottle can be washed in the dishwasher. However, we would advise you to wash your crystal, its base and stainless steel cup by hand.

Absolutely. All of our crystals are 100% genuine, as they are created by Mother Nature. At TARAH CO., we are devoted to making our crystal water bottles as efficient as possible, therefore, we use natural hand-cut stones only.

Yes. Our crystal infused water bottles are absolutely safe to use. Therefore, anybody can enjoy their drink from our crystal water bottles - risk- and allergy-free.


Tarah Co. started with the purpose to empower people to live more consciously, purposely, and balanced through Earth, connection, and the power of Intention. We love Nature and we wholeheartedly believe in its ability to heal, to nurture, and to connect us with our deeper selves.   

We offer a unique selection of Nature embodied wellness products including natural stone jewelry, healing crystals, herbal teas and more -- crafted and infused with love, care, and positive vibrations. 

We aim to provide a memorable experience when you shop on our online store, offering quality products along with a top-rated customer service.


Crystal Infused Water Bottles and The Benefits of Drinking Gem Elixir

Okay, so first of all, you must be wondering why sipping from a crystal water bottle is trendy by nature. I mean, who wouldn't want to drink water from crystal water bottles? They are totally stylish and unique. They are practically a sight for sore eyes. Just think about it! How can a glass bottle containing a crystal not be pleasant to look at. However, with that said, it's believed that crystals have some hidden benefits and healing properties. They are able to rejuvenate our sick bodies and help heal our minds, soul and spirit. They also provide some form of emotional stability and support as well as reduce panic attacks and anxiety.

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