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Gratitude Stone, Amethyst Geode Cluster in Wooden Box

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Too often, we forget to be grateful for all that we have received in life. Life gets busy and stress mounts to the point where all we can see is negativity and worry.  That’s what makes this Gratitude Stone in Wooden Box so perfect. 

A natural Amethyst Geode Crystal Cluster is housed perfectly in a wooden box and will be perfect for putting in that special spot that you go to for inspiration.  The box features and inset at the top to put a photo of something or someone that you are grateful for, too, for extra soft and worthwhile emotions and intentions.  A great gift for yourself or someone near and dear to you! 

Premium A quality Amethyst from Uruguay coming in a range of purple tones from light to deep and in sizes from 1"-2". Cluster shapes will vary . Comes in a 3" x 3" wooden box filled with crinkle paper. 

Includes an education card with affirmation.

Customer Reviews

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Davion D.

Beautiful!!! Wonderful crystal you don’t have to ask if it’s real cause it is cold to the touch so you know it’s the real deal, I’m truly happy with this arrived pretty quickly thank you.

Griffin M.

I love it!

Adolfo J.

So gorgeous in person & high quality! I added them to the collection in my living room!

Abner F.

Just like the picture, and real crystal !! am very satisfied

Brook B.

Absolutely beautiful. ordering more right now!