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Lotus Crystal Singing Bowl

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The lotus is a sacred flower that teaches us much: the power to grow from difficult situations, how to let our spirit unfold in order to bloom, and how important roots are to anchor our sense of well-being.

Our 8” lotus singing bowl is the perfect size for producing beautiful meditative tones anytime they’re needed - a gentle tap or slide of the included mallet along the edge is all it takes.

Decorated with a stylized golden lotus, it serves as both a meditative musical instrument and a spiritual touchstone that centers inner compassion, focus, and healing.

  • Crafted entirely of lead-free crystal with a beautiful frosted finish.
  • Produces beautiful, soul-soothing tones that connect the mind and body.
  • 8" in diameter, the perfect size to carry with you to enjoy whenever you need it.
  • Includes a rubber ring and sounding mallet.

To learn more about Crystal Singing Bowls and how sound therapy can enhance the mental, physical and emotional well-being  please see our Comprehensive Guide on Crystal Singing Bowls and Sound Healing.

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Renee S.

I absolutely LOVE this bowl. Beautiful sound.

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