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Below you will find the link to download the eBook: "Sacred Daily Rituals", plus the Intention Setting Meditation. We hope you enjoy them. 

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Sacred Daily Rituals eBook

Cultivate your spiritual self with the perfect daily ritual for you.

Sacred Rituals Ebook

Start your day off right! From meditation to dream journaling, tarot, sacred bathing – and so much more, this guide will help you develop a mindful and meaningful routine. Includes a moon phase calendar along with guides for reading your natal chart, chakras, crystals, and more!

(The PDF will open immediately in your browser and then you can save it to your computer or device.)



Spiritual Practice Guide & Workbook

Take your practice to a new level by incorporating the time-honored rituals, recipes and practices you'll learn in this empowering guide.

Sacred Rituals Ebook

Explore the use of herbs, flowers & essential oils  and learn recipes and rituals for auric sprays, zodiac & moon baths, energy cleansing and more. This enchanting resource will help you tap into your inner wisdom and manifest positive transformation in your life.


Intention Setting Meditation

Intention Setting Meditation

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