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Healing Crystal Jewelry

Wearing healing gems and jewels is the perfect way to remind ourselves of our connection to the divine. Wear crystal jewelry pieces to foster focus, balance, and emotional well-being. Explore our healing crystal necklaces, bracelets, pendants, chakra crystals & stones,  and more.  Find your perfect gemstone today!


Rainbow Quartz Pendant - TARAH CO
Fair Blossom Birthstone Bracelets | Choose Your Personal Stone - TARAH CO.
Trinity Harmony Stone Pendant - TARAH CO.
Make A Wish Balance Bracelet - TARAH CO.
Happy Oath Three Bead Bracelet - TARAH CO.
Whispering Bliss Gemstone Pendant - TARAH CO.
Ethereal Boho Triple Tassel Stone Earrings - TARAH CO.
Crystal Necklace for Anxiety and Depression - TARAH CO.
Quiet Rainbow Adjustable Bracelet - TARAH CO.
Sweet Spark Amethyst Hook Earrings - TARAH CO.
Love's Embrace Healing Stone Bracelet - TARAH CO.
Amethyst Whisper Long Thread Drop Earrings - TARAH CO.
Sacred Serenity Crystal Necklace - TARAH CO.
Inspired Glow Crystal Bracelet - TARAH CO.
Crystal Intentions Interchangeable Pendant - TARAH CO.
Aurora Spark Crystal Nugget Bracelet - TARAH CO.
Crisp Promise Long Drop Earrings - TARAH CO.
Gracious Vow Natural Stone Hoop Earrings - TARAH CO.
Blushing Glamour Pendant Drop Earrings - TARAH CO.
Serene Oath Natural Stone Necklace - TARAH CO.
Pristine Belle Drop Earrings - TARAH CO.
Happy Days Stone Hook Earrings - TARAH CO.
Gentle Aura Pendant Earrings - TARAH CO.
Green Amazonite Stone Drop Earrings - TARAH CO.
Flawless Oath Crystal Drop Earrings - TARAH CO.
Sweet Spiral Extra Long Drop Earrings - TARAH CO.
Stone Power Pendant Necklace - TARAH CO.
Loyal Glamour Moonstone Dangle Earrings - TARAH CO.
Moss Agate Stone Pendant Necklace - TARAH CO.
Kyanite Stone 18K Gold Plated Bracelet - TARAH CO.

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