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White & Blue Sage w/ Lavender Smudge Stick, 4"

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The benefits of these 3 herbs combined provides a wonder healing smudge stick. Large bundle that will assist you in removing negative energy or spirits. 4" white & blue sage with lavender. Loose, not packaged.

Burning sage is a time honored practice used by many and believed to have the power to cleanse and purify the energy and environment.

Fill your space with intentions of joy, love, good health and whatever else you choose to surround yourself with. Whether you want to cleanse your living space, purify your aura or peacefully relax, a sage stick is a great way to purify, protect and calm any area.

Sage can also be the perfect housewarming gift, as it is a common practice to cleanse a new living space to remove any negative energies. 

Common Sage Uses: 

- Cleanse Your Aura: Eliminate harmful energies and intentions 

- Purify Your Space: Cleanse your environment with the sacred sage herb. 

- Encourage Love and Joy: After cleansing your space, fill it with intentions of love, joy, and good health 

How To Use: 

- Light the sage stick with a lighter or match 

- Quickly blow out the flame, allowing the embers to continue burning

- Place in a bowl, walk it around the space, or smudge yourself with the smoke

Product Specifics: 

- Sourced from natural materials and produced in an eco-friendly way


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