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IGNITE Large Healing Crystal Hearts

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Bring positivity and unique energy into your space with these Healing Crystal Heart Stones. Crafted from natural crystals, these stones will help you focus your intentions and manifest your dreams. Add beauty & meaning to your space with these lovely hearts, ranging from 1 to 3 inches (choose your stone type & size).

Keep your inspirational crystal heart with you everywhere you go -- feel the positive energy and protection, and ignite something wonderful. Carry one with you always to remind yourself of the magic around and within you.

  • Tuck a healing crystal in your pocket or bag to bring its positive energy with you.
  • Display your stones around your home to enjoy their captivating beauty and energy alignment.
  • Hold a stone in your palms during meditation to heighten your experience.
  • Place one on your chakra points to restore balance and well-being.

Crystal hearts are perfect for gifting - share your unique energy with your special someone. Give a loved one a crystal heart for a birthday, Christmas, graduation or any occasion. Let them carry its energy with them and open themselves up to the possibilities of the Universe.

Each heart is uniquely crafted & may display slight differences in color, shape, size & inclusions.

    Choose From:

    • Rose Quartz - Fosters love, compassion, and emotional healing.
    • White Jade - Promotes inner harmony and balance.
    • Marcasite - Emboldens courage and self-expression.
    • Fluorite - Enhances mental focus and clarity.
    • Polychrome Jasper - Offers emotional stability and grounding.
    • Ruby Zoisite - Energizes creative powers and passion.
    • Orange Selenite - Cleanses energy and uplifts mood.
    • African Turquoise - Aids in personal renewal and growth.
    • Bumble Bee Jasper - Boosts confidence and self-worth.
    • Asterite - Amplifies intuition and spiritual insight.
    • Labradorite - Facilitates transformative experiences.
    • Phantom Quartz - Heightens awareness and self-discovery.
    • Kambaba Jasper - Encourages tranquility and emotional balance.
    • Golden Obsidian - Provides spiritual protection and grounding.
    • Dendritic Agate - Attracts abundance and personal growth.
    • Grape Agate - Induces calmness and relaxation.
    • Red Petrified Wood - Offers a sense of grounding and historical connection.
    • Galaxy Heart - Strengthens cosmic and interpersonal connection.
    • White Selenite - Promotes spiritual purification and mental clarity.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Alvina O.

      Moooolto cute!

      Alysson H.

      It's beautiful.

      Conrad H.

      Excellent quality, very good size and is beautiful

      Roma R.

      A stunning stone. And the size is good, and the stone itself looks wonderful.

      Rylan S.

      Very beautiful stone, it is nice to hold in your hands. Large, did not notice any flaws. I am satisfied with the product.

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