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Desert Rose Stone

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Infuse your intention-setting rituals with the grounding and protective energies of our Desert Rose Stones. Each unique piece showcases intricate, flower-like clusters, capturing the essence of timeless desert wisdom while adding a touch of natural elegance to your space. Also great for meditation, part of a healing grid or wonderful energy to carry in your pocket or purse!

These natural wonders serve as powerful tools for manifestation, clarity, and spiritual safeguarding. Allow the Desert Rose to anchor your dreams into the earthly realm, transforming your aspirations into tangible outcomes. Known for its protective qualities, this captivating stone serves as a spiritual shield, guarding against negative energies and influences.

With its stabilizing vibrations, the Desert Rose acts as both a spiritual compass and a reminder of your innate resilience. Connect with the ancient rhythms of the Earth and its blooming beauty through this remarkable talisman, and let it guide and protect you on your journey towards fulfillment.

Includes (1) selenite desert rose, approximately 1"-3" and comes with a bag for storage. 

Customer Reviews

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Celia L.

Great Stone, I will order more

Cierra L.

Very good quality product, I loved it.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Madaline G.

Very beautiful just as pictured

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