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Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Sound Therapy For Your Soul

Tibetan Singing Bowls, also known as Buddhist Bowls have been used for centuries. Even up to the present, people still use them for healing and meditation purposes. A copper singing bowl creates a range and rare sound that can restore to normal continuously. It's definitely something everyone should experience to feel how beneficial it is to the body and soul.

It is believed that the sounds produced by the singing bowls can relieve depression, stress disorders, pain, and more. Its healing process is unique, which involves connecting with one's energy on a very deep level -- synchronizing with the brainwaves -- resonating perfectly. 

The unique tone has the ability to relax your mind, especially during your meditation sessions. It can also contribute to creative thinking and intuitive massage. Not only can you hear it in your ears, but it will travel all over your mind and body -- helping you feel a deep connection to nature and your inner self.

The metal is made of copper, which represents the planet, Venus. Give the Tibetan Copper Singing Bowl a try and feel its magical contribution as the sound and energy embraces your being. It also makes for beautiful decor for the home.

Customer Reviews

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Elody R.

Good sound

V L.

Beautifully made and pleasant sound. all i need now is one with a deeper hum

Britney F.

I love it the sound is wonderful, I usually don’t like leaving comments. But I have to on the one. You should buy it. You will love it. I can’t really explain you need to try it for your self.

Aileen P.

Smallish but gorgeous. The sound is wonderful. Delivery in short time

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