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Crystals For Manifestation


The world pulses with energy, vibrations both seen and unseen, guiding our every moment. Ever felt an inexplicable pull towards something, or wondered why some days everything seems to go right, while others, nothing at all? Enter the Law of Attraction – not just a term, but a life force, a cosmic dance of energies.


It's not mere coincidence or luck; it's the rhythm of the universe, resonating with our personal energies. And within this dance, negativity and positivity chase after each other, influencing the flow of our days. But what if we told you there's a way to harness this rhythm? To enhance the good vibrations and ward off the not-so-good ones?


Dive with us into the luminous world of crystals and discover how these ancient stones can amplify our intentions and bring us closer to the life we've always dreamt of.


What is Manifestation?

To put it simply, manifestation is a process. And it is your part in this process that makes bringing your desires into reality possible.

Nothing comes out of thin air. Simply wishing for change is not going to affect your reality; it is the intention that matters. Everything you do begins with an intention: the way you put words in the world, what and how you eat, the way you sleep, and every action you take.

And words, thoughts, and intentions have power. Therefore, you have the power to focus and use the Law of Attraction to your benefit.

You are even manifesting right now. In our daily lives, we manifest subconsciously with our feelings, expectations, thoughts, and intentions. But to make big changes, we must go big!

To gain control over your reality and the life around you, you must look within yourself. First, you need to understand what is blocking you from achieving what you desire. This can be a long process, but you just need to take the first step to get started.


Your journey might need healing, dealing with past traumas, the fear of success, and anxiety for the future. And when you start seeing clearly, you can make some difficult decisions, like leaving toxic relationships and environments, or changing deeply-rooted bad habits. Then you’ll see a real transformation!


But how can you take the first step? Using a tool to focus your energy and intentions is a great way to start, and crystals can be your way to do so!

How to Use Crystals for Manifesting

When you start the process of manifesting a better life for yourself, you can use crystals as tools to guide your focus and intentions. When you use them with intention, you will feel the power of your manifestation and find it easier to align with your goals and desires.

You are full of energy, and it flows in various ways. Crystals are known to be potent energy carriers and can be used to harvest and influence the flow of energy around and within us. And there are many crystals for different purposes that can help you manifest your intentions. Whether you want to attract love, money, or success, there is a crystal for you.

Here are some ways you can use crystals to manifest your intentions:

  • Wear them as jewelry
  • Carry them with you in your pocket, purse, or wallet
  • Place them in your home or even at work
  • Meditate with them
  • Intention-setting
  • Put them on a specific grid or altar



You see, there are a lot of ways you can use specific crystals to get better results in your manifestation. Choose yours and see if it feels right for your intention. It’s best to choose a crystal that resonates with you and has properties that align with your intention. Choose intuitively above all and trust your intuition.

Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals before using them!

Crystal cleansing eliminates stagnant or undesirable energies and should be done on a regular basis to maintain its purity.

But don’t worry, cleaning them is easy. There are a few ways to do it:


Salt water

Even if you don't have sea water near you, you can make salt water at home and let your crystals soak in it overnight. Then you can pat them dry with a paper towel and start using them! Just be mindful that some crystals aren’t suitable for salt, such as Opal, Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Selenite, and Hematite.

Sunlight or Moonlight

Putting them in contact with the soil and letting them soak under the sunlight or moonlight can cleanse and recharge them, while letting the stagnant energy get absorbed by the earth.



Smudging crystals is an efficient and non-invasive method of cleansing them of residual energy. Douse the crystals in smoke with your preferred smudging stick, like Palo Santo, Sage, or Rosemary.

Simply ignite the tip of the smudge stick and place your crystals above the smoke to give them maximum exposure. This ancient technique is intended to cleanse items and the environment around you.

As a result, smudging may be a great strategy to utilize if your area also requires purification, as it will also help to cleanse the atmosphere around you. This is also a good option for porous crystals because the smoke is gentle and will not interfere with the structure of the stones.



Setting Intentions For Manifesting

The purpose of intention-setting is to give the crystal a purpose to focus on. This is a crucial part of your manifestation process, and it will be the act of opening yourself to change and transformation. By setting your intention in the crystal, you’ll be giving permission for change to enter your life!

Here is how you can do it:

First, place the crystal in your hand and think about your intention, or say it out loud. Always remember that words have power! Act and speak as though you already have what you want.

For example, instead of wishing for a million dollars; be grateful for the financial opportunities that you already have, even if they are small now. The Law of Attraction will manifest what you already believe is yours to come in abundance into your life, so think positively!

Take a moment to visualize your manifestation coming true. Remember, act and feel as though you already have it. Emotionally connect with your desire. Feel it with all of your senses.


When you’re done, thank the crystal and the Universe and place the crystal in an area where you’ll see it everyday. It will serve as a visual reminder of your intention and will refocus your energy on what you want, continuously raising your vibration towards its manifestation.


Now that you know how to set your intention with the crystal, let’s find the crystal that best fits your desires right now! 



Below is a brief list of common crystals with manifesting properties, but remember to ultimately choose with your intuition. If any of the crystals below feels right to you, then go for it!

For a more in-depth guide with a lot more crystals for different manifestations, grab our free Ebook: Crystals For Manifestation.


Here are some common crystals for manifesting:

Rose Quartz

This is the crystal of love! And not only from others but from yourself. Rose quartz is perfect for helping you find the love you deserve within yourself.

Self-love is the first step in opening yourself to the world and its wonders, so give rose quartz a chance and embrace love!


For luck and prosperity, we can trust Jade as an ally for expansiveness. Its energy not only resonates with good fortune but also expands it in our lives with the right intentions.

Clear Quartz

The combination of openness and amplification is within the energy of the clear quartz. Clarification is key when setting an intention, and this crystal will help you be more open to higher guidance.

Green Aventurine

The stone of opportunity! The Law of Attraction is all about openness and optimism, so Green Aventurine is the right crystal for those who seek these things. This crystal boosts your confidence and attracts optimism into your life, guiding you into your new era of transformation.


Success is something that most of us are afraid of without even knowing why. Pyrite is a well-known abundance stone that attracts luck, wealth, and success with the confidence to be open to it.


This is the one for those who are initiating the manifestation process, as it is a powerful guide to clarity. Black obsidian is an excellent crystal to utilize in the manifestation process since it aids in the removal of blockages and protects you from unwanted energies that may interfere with your journey.


A crystal that can help you calm down and see your goals more clearly. Known for its healing powers, selenite is a great crystal to add to your manifestation kit, and it calms your mind and energy so you can really use it purposefully.

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