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Explore this lovely collection of tumbled stones, rough crystals, palm & worry stones, eggs and more. Allow your intuition to guide you in choosing the perfect crystal. Notice the stones that you're naturally drawn to as that may be the energy that you most need right now. 
Large Shiva Lingam Stone - TARAH CO.

Large Shiva Lingam Stone

From $7.00 - $18.00
Rose Quartz Healing Egg - TARAH CO.
Rhodonite Healing Egg - TARAH CO.
Sunstone Palm
Quartz Healing Egg - TARAH CO.
Tiger Eye Free Form Stone - TARAH CO.
Large 5 lb Malachite Free Shape Specimen - TARAH CO.
Citrine Crystal Point Tower Wand |  Double Terminated Obelisk Healing Stone - TARAH CO.
Black Obsidian Rough Stone - TARAH CO.
Desert Rose Intention Stone - Tarah Co
Fool's Gold Charm - Tarah Co

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