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This collection is used by the OrderlyEmails app, to make product recommendations in your notification emails, which automatically update over time.

  • This service is currenty provided for FREE, with any theme purchase.
  • Recommended products shown in your email are automatically updated every 4 hours, to match this collection.
  • By default, your Best-Selling products (that are in stock & not already purchased) will be recommended.
  • You can modify the rules below to change which products are recommended. Products at the top of the list are more likely to be shown.
  • To enable/disable recommendations in your emails, login to the OrderlyEmails app (Shopify Admin -> Apps) and add the "Recommended products" section to an email in the editor.

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Crystal Elixir Water Bottle with Infuser - TARAH CO.
Heart Chakra Healing Crystal Set - TARAH CO.
Gemstone Elixir Straws, Mixed Stones | 4 Piece Straw Set - TARAH CO.

Crystal Straw Set

7 Chakra Gemstone Tassel - TARAH CO.
Rose Quartz Crystal Infused Water Bottle - TARAH CO.
Personalized Gift Message Card - TARAH CO.
Crystal Infused Water Bottle w/ Wooden Lid | Multiple Stone Options - Tarah Co
Chakra Healing Crystal Box - TARAH CO.
Self-Love Healing Crystals Kit - TARAH CO.
Amethyst Crystal Infused Water Bottle - Tarah Co
Fair Blossom Birthstone Bracelets | Choose Your Personal Stone - TARAH CO.
Crystal Elixir Straws | Individual - TARAH CO.

Crystal Straws | Individual

From $18.00 - $99.00
Crystal Water Bottle and Gem Elixir Straw Set, Amethyst - TARAH CO.
Crystal Singing Bowl Massage - TARAH CO.

Crystal Singing Bowl

From $167.00 - $185.00
Tibetan Copper Singing Bowl - TARAH CO.
Intention Bath Ritual Kits for Protection, Love, Prosperity & More - TARAH CO.
Crystal Infused Floral Candles - TARAH CO.
Throat Chakra Beaded Bracelet - TARAH CO.
Gold Moon Pendant Necklace - TARAH CO.
AURA Crystal Elixir Straw - TARAH CO.
Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle & Gem Elixir Straw Set - TARAH CO.
Manifestation Starter Crystal Kit - TARAH CO
White Sage Smudge Kits with Intention Crystal Gift Sets | Choose Intention Stone - TARAH CO.
Crystal Water Bottles - Tarah Co

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