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Whether you're going for earthy and casual or an elegant and classy look  within our beautiful nature-inspired Jewelry collection  you are sure to find the perfect, poetic piece to compliment your unique style and express your individuality.
(Set of 3) Moon Phase Palo Santo w/Amethyst Pendants - Tarah Co
Lapis Lazuli Beaded Bracelet - Tarah Co
Malachite Beaded Bracelet - Tarah Co
Prosperity Goddess Amulet - Tarah Co
Lotus Goddess Amulet - Tarah Co
Rainbow Quartz Pendant - TARAH CO
Trinity Harmony Stone Pendant - TARAH CO.
Make A Wish Balance Bracelet - TARAH CO.
Happy Oath Three Bead Bracelet - TARAH CO.
Whispering Bliss Gemstone Pendant - TARAH CO.
Ethereal Boho Triple Tassel Stone Earrings - TARAH CO.
Crystal Necklace for Anxiety and Depression - TARAH CO.
Love's Embrace Healing Stone Bracelet - TARAH CO.
Amethyst Whisper Long Thread Drop Earrings - TARAH CO.
Sacred Serenity Crystal Necklace - TARAH CO.
Inspired Glow Crystal Bracelet - TARAH CO.
Crystal Intentions Interchangeable Pendant - TARAH CO.
Aurora Spark Crystal Nugget Bracelet - TARAH CO.
MANIFESTATION Clear Quartz Arrowhead Wire Wrapped Pendant - Tarah Co
Amethyst Flower Cluster Pendant - TARAH CO.
Love Goddess Amulet - Tarah Co
Kunzite Lava 'INFINITY' Aromatherapy Bracelet + Rose Oil - TARAH CO.
Rhodochrosite Natural Stone Pendant - TARAH CO.
Amethyst Arrowhead Wire Wrapped Pendant - TARAH CO.

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