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Natural Healing Crystals & Stones Collection

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This Set of Healing Crystals consist of 24 Brazilian Mixed Raw Stones. These crystals are an excellent choice for getting started with gems and minerals for learning, energy work or home décor. Each piece is individually unique and can add serene, beautiful energy to any space. Let these natural healing crystals help create balance and harmony in your home or office.

The 24 Mixed Stones Include:

Each is a clean specimen from the earth and are 1"-1 1/4".

Quartz Crystal - a master healer that will work on any condition, as well as amplifying and powering your intentions.

Lepidolite - helps with balance of the mind and spirit, energy blocks, true happiness, harmony, and finding your true purpose in life.

Red Jasper - known to be a powerful stone of protection, courage and wisdom.

Rose Quartz - heals the heart and centers feelings of joy, warmth and forgiveness.

Emerald - helps reveal truth, encourages honesty, enhances intuition, strengthens love, cleansing, purifying, helps with hidden fears, and will help with focus making it a great stone to meditate with.

Jasper - Feel safe, secure and stable while using this wonderful grounding stone. May also assist with negative energy as well as clarity.

Black Obsidian - a stone that will assist you in staying grounded, assist unbalanced energy, stimulate your intuition, divination, and to keep your energy clean and protected. 

Calcite - known to be a stone of well being and peace, it is also known to be very calming and helps heal through its amazing vibration. 

Yellow Aventurine - stimulates optimism, creativity and vitality.

Sodalite - good for ideas, endurance, communication, stabilizes emotions, clarifies perception and is great for meditation.

Zebra Jasper - carries a strong connection to the Earth's energy, making it a beneficial stone for grounding. It brings about a positive attitude, instills confidence, and stabilizes energy. 

White Howlite - a calming stone, decreases an overactive mind and can assist with meditation. Howlite prepares the mind to receive insight and wisdom and heighten creativity.

Emerald with Mica - acts like a mirror for you in that will show you your flaws but allowing you to see them with love. 

The 24 mixed stones are sold by amount and not by type, you may receive 2 or 3 of the same stone.

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