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Intention Bath Rituals | Sampler Set

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Turn the comforting warmth of your bath waters into a powerful spiritual bath ritual with our enchanted Bath Salts for Protection, Love, Prosperity, Healing and Purification – crafted from all-natural ingredients. 

This is wonderful chance to experience a variety of our magically charged bath ritual blends! 

Connecting with the Earth, cleansing and healing the body through ritual bathing is an ancient tradition, dating back to 2500 BC. Ancient civilizations have long known the healing power of ritual bathing, and our curated collection of bath salts draw on this wisdom. 

​Our bath salts work with your INTENTION and the traditional cleansing element of water and infuses an exclusive blend of special salts, herbs, dried flowers, and aromatic scents to aid in the manifestation of your intentions while calming the skin, stimulating circulation, and providing a sense of peace and restoration to the body.

Our bath salt blends are 100% natural and free of the sulfates, silicones, parabens, and plastic microbeads that are often found in commercial products. We are committed to serving as good stewards of the Earth and are proud that our product is both environmentally friendly and cruelty free. 

Adding the right earthy elements to a warm tub of water can make the difference between a bath and a restorative experience.

So, come…indulge in an ancient bath ritual and enjoy the refreshing transformation.

This Lovely Set Includes The Following Blends:

  • Love: This ultra-luxurious blend of salts and herbs is crafted to create a sense of well-being while replenishing your aura with warmth and loving vibrations. Great for assisting with attracting love or enhancing an existing relationship. You’ll enjoy an aroma that is subtly sweet as our Love blend gently soothes your skin and uplifts your spirit. 
  • Protection: Use this blend to rejuvenate your body and care for your soul. Rich salts and a heady blend of herbs gently draw stress and undesired energy from the body. Use the space left from what's expelled to foster positivity and good intentions. We’ve added all-natural oils to the blend which, when combined with the salts and herbs, offers protection from unwanted energy and creates a bath that serves as a blanket of comfort, wrapping you in all that is good and true.
  • Healing: This restorative blend works to heal the body and mind, and to soothe the spirit during times of upheaval or unrest. Salts work to heal the skin and remove toxins from the body while transforming the energy of the water itself. Healing herbs and all-natural oils create a scent that is sophisticated and bright. Indulge in this lovely blend when you need a little extra self-care.
  • Prosperity: This is the must-have blend when your life and spirit needs a shift toward abundance and prosperity. Add this curated blend to your bath water to enjoy the healing benefits of sea salt soaking. The rich scent of herbs and oils marry with the salts, creating the perfect atmosphere in which you can meditate on your goals and dreams while your skin is pampered and restored.
  • Purification: Cleanse your mind, body and spirit with this sacred blend. Use this when you feel like you've been surrounded by unpleasant energy or simply use regularly to ensure that your aura stays cleansed and pure. Come out of your bath feeling refreshed and renewed with clarity and a positive mindset to nurture your goals and intentions with faith and confidence.

Harness the power of Nature and your own inner powers with the aid of these magical bath ritual salts. They come in eco-friendly packaging along with the ritual instructions on elegant, deckled-edge paper. And includes a complementary healing stone to keep with you during and after your ritual.

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Oils, Dried Flowers, Herbs. | 5 x 35ml

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