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Empowerment Ritual Kits

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Achieve your potential with the aid of our Empowerment Ritual Kits! Choose from our Full Moon, New Moon, or Love and Relax kits for cleansing and manifestation. Connect with your inner power and manifest your desires. 

Full Moon Kit

A pouch filled with all you need to clear out or release anything that's not for your highest good. Comes with a releasing herbal blend, candle, cleansing salt, selenite, 3 pieces of parchment to note your wishes and a Moon charm. 

New Moon Kit

This special time of the month is perfect for setting your intentions for the upcoming months. Our kit has got you covered - with a make a wish herbal mix, a white candle, black protection salt, one piece of labradorite, three pieces of parchment, and a special Moon charm. 

Love and Relax Kit

Purify your mind, body and soul with this special kit, designed to spread the intention of love & relaxation. Every kit comes in a white organza pouch, with a bag of white sage, small Abalone shell with wooden stand, lavender, rose petals and a Rose Quartz heart charm to carry. Lavender and rose petals will arrive loose, and charm styles may vary.

How to Use:

You'll receive detailed instructions on how to create your ritual. 

You can burn the herbal mix like a smudge, dress the candle with your favorite oil, or steep the ingredients in the pouch for a powerful ritual bath.

Whichever way you choose to use it, these ritual kits will help you clear away stagnant energy, to create space for the manifestation of your highest wishes. It's the perfect way to connect with yourself and the Universe.



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