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Spiritual Bath Ritual Kits

Introducing our enchanted Spiritual Bath Ritual Kit Collection! Elevate your spiritual practice with our thoughtfully curated bath spell kits intended to enhance prosperity, purification, love, healing, and protection and more.

Each empowering bath ritual kit includes bath salts—a harmonious blend of herbs, salts, essential oils, and dried flowers to help you align with your intentions—along with hand-picked candles, infused with intention and crafted to create an ambiance of tranquility and focus during your ritual. 

Indulge in the art of self-care and spiritual rejuvenation with our meticulously curated bath spell kits, combining the healing properties of our premium bath salts and the soothing radiance of our purposeful candles. Elevate your spiritual practice with every sacred soak.

Prosperity Spell Abundance Ritual Bath - TARAH CO.
Healing Spell Bath Ritual Kit - TARAH CO.
Full Moon Ritual Kit - Tarah Co
Purification Spell  - TARAH CO.
Protection Spell - TARAH CO.
Love Spell Kit - TARAH CO

Love Bath Kit

Purification Bath Bomb Kit - TARAH CO.
Abundance Bath Bomb Kit - TARAH CO.

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