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Our Aura Bloom Collection

Shop our exclusive collection of spiritual wellness items designed to help you restore balance, inspire inner growth, and facilitate healing. Wherever your journey leads, our range of healing crystals, herbal teas, gift sets, and other items is there to support, nourish and center you and your loved ones. Gift options are available.


Spirituality Mini Crystal Kit - TARAH CO.
Intention Bath Rituals Sampler Set for Protection, Love, Prosperity & More - TARAH CO.
Healing Bath Ritual Kit - TARAH CO.
White Sage Smudge Kits with Intention Crystal Gift Sets | Choose Intention Stone - TARAH CO.
Amethyst Arrowhead Wire Wrapped Pendant - TARAH CO.
Amethyst Inner Peace Pendant - TARAH CO.
Spirituality Crystal Kit - TARAH CO
White Sage & Palo Santo with Crystal Set - TARAH CO.
Sleep Crystal Kit - TARAH CO
Extra Large 3"-4.5" Amethyst Rough Stone - TARAH CO.
Raw Amethyst Stone - TARAH CO.
Amethyst Flower Cluster Pendant - TARAH CO.

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