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Aura Bloom

The AURA BLOOM collection is designed to help you restore balance, inspire inner growth, and facilitate healing. Wherever your journey leads, our range of healing crystals, herbal teas, gift sets, and other natural wellness products is there to support, nourish and center you and your loved ones. Gift options are available.


11 Piece Healing Stone Kit with Large Selenite Heart Stone - TARAH CO.
Chakra Healing Crystal Box - TARAH CO.
Sacred Wellness Stone Kit - TARAH CO.
Heart Chakra Healing Crystal Set - TARAH CO.
Healing Stone Kit in Wooden Display Box - TARAH CO.
Crystal Kit for Heart Chakra Healing - TARAH CO.
7 Chakra Gemstone Tassel - TARAH CO.
Aura Box Healing Crystal Kit - TARAH CO

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