Tapestry Throw Blanket

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A Summer Bohemian Must Have!

Outdoor activities are incomplete without a blanket or towel. So, it is best to bring this multi-purpose Tapestry Throw Blanket wherever you go. 

This round shaped tapestry and mandala designed blanket is easy to bring to any destination you want. It will offer you a certain comfort and convenience whether you are at home or not. You can use it in different ways, from indoor to outdoor activities. It is carefully woven the best quality materials such as cotton and polyester and can be used as a yoga mat, beach towel, camping mattress or carpet.

Yoga or Meditation Mat

If you want to see beautiful floral patterns while you are doing your yoga or meditation routine, this mat could be perfect for you. If you wish to perform yoga indoor or outdoor, this carpet is easy to manage.

Beach Towel 

Never leave your home without a beach towel when going to the beach. This can be used as your stylish beach towel. Apart from that, you can lay it on the sand and enjoy the view of the beach. 

Camping Mattress 

Are you planning a camping trip? Make sure to bring this blanket with you. It has a sufficient size where you can remain comfortable during some of your camping activities and do so with style. 

Stylish Carpet 

If you want to put style and creative vibe in your room, this carpet is ideal for you. The patterns and colors will liven up any room. Plus, it is easy to maintain.

From indoors to outdoors, this Tapestry Mandala Tassel Blanket is a perfect companion. So, buy now and experience its benefits!

Customer Reviews

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Very good for the beach and the picnic, quite fine but good very pretty


Love it. Going to use it when I meditate.


It says it is a towel, but it is not soft or absorbent like a towel. Its made out of no tear strong nylon making it durable to outdoor use, the elements and totally waterproof. it makes a great tarp or mat for outdoor yoga or meditation without the risk of destroying a fancy towel. This thing is made to handle some dirt!


Just like picture description. My wife loves it.