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Spirituality & Healing Bundle

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Enhance peace, clarity and deepen your spiritual connection with the aid of this Spirituality & Healing Bundle.  


Healing Stones:

  • Amethyst Geode Cluster - supports calmness and serenity in your current space and helps to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition.
    • Clear Quartz - known as the "master healer" for its large variety of healing, cleansing and magical uses.
    • Selenite Stick - amplifies the positive vibrations and magnifies your intentions.
    • Desert Rose Selenite - carries calming energy and promotes love, abundance, healing, and protection. 1-3 inch.

    Spiritual Bath:

    • ​Our Magically Charged Ritual Bath Salts Work with your INTENTION and the traditional cleansing element of water and infuses an exclusive blend of special salts, herbs, and aromatic scents to inspire inner healing and peace. 2 oz.

    Energy Cleansing:

    • 4" White Sage Smudge Stick - cleanse your space and purify your aura. A white sage stick is a great way to purify, protect and calm.
    • 1 Reiki Charged Candle - to assist you in exploring the realm of your spirit for love, joy and growth. Includes an affirmation to focus your intention. Lovely scent.

    Includes bath ritual, smudging instructions, the healing/metaphysical properties for each stone in the kit, along with information on how to charge and cleanse the stones, and comes with a beautiful burlap bag for storage.

    Each stone is approximately 0.5-1 inch with the selenite stick measuring approximately 4 inches long. As the stones are natural, each will be different and unique. Each piece will vary in size, shape, colors and inclusions.

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