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Seven Chakras Healing Crystals Set

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Enhance spiritual growth and remove blockages while protecting your space and aura with this complete Seven Chakras Healing Crystals Set. This kit is perfect for balancing chakras, cleansing energy, healing, manifestation and more.  


Chakra Crystal Set: 

- Red Jasper for the Root chakra heals and strengthens our roots to the earth.

- Tigers Eye for the Solar Plexus chakra promotes energy, motivation and willpower.

- Citrine for the Solar Plexus promotes confidence and strength.

- Rose Quartz for the Heart chakra heals the heart and centers feelings of joy.

- Green Aventurine for the Heart chakra helps for bringing abundance and joy.

- Lapis Lazuli for the Third Eye Chakra encourages knowledge, intuition and wisdom.

- Blue Sandstone for the Throat Chakra enhances the ability to speak your truth.

- Amethyst for the Crown Chakra embraces calming energies and restful sleep.

- Opal for the Crown Chakra encouraging security, balance and calmness.

- Clear Quartz for the Crown Chakra is extremely powerful for manifestation.

Large Crystals: 

- Selenite Tower for cleansing and removing blockages.

- Rose Quartz in raw form for heart healing, compassion and love.

- Amethyst cluster for emotional balance and peace.

- Citrine for creativity, personal power and prosperity.

Chakra Tree of Life Pendant allowing you to keep the elements with you at all times. It is believed that the stones in the pendant will absorb negative energies and emit positive energy into the body.

The set comes in a carefully crafted Wooden Box to safely store your complete healing set.

*Due to the nature of the items in this kit, there will be variations. The stones will vary. Each piece is unique and will slightly vary in shapes, sizes, colors and inclusions. 

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