Red Quartz Crystal Obelisk Wand

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A Rare Gem

In the very first look, this Red Quartz Crystal Wand expresses elegance and attraction. But, it also carries a vibe of healing and compassion. 

The Red Quartz Crystal Wand is not only perfect as a home décor due to its mysterious yet powerful appearance, but it is believed to be very effective in attracting intimacy, romance or new love. It can also help you promote bonding with your loved ones while also improving your health. 

You can place the Red Quartz Crystal Wand near your bed or in the relationship corner of your home to restore harmony & trust and encourage unconditional love. 

Emotional Healing Energy 

If you are dealing with emotional issues, you can use this powerful quartz to help dissolve sorrows, fears, worries, or resentments and replace those feelings with love, healing, inner nourishment, and comfort.

Healing and Balancing Energy 

The Red Quartz Crystal Wand can help your balancing ability so that you can be true to yourself within your environment. It can also help you understand your own emotions and needs. 


Meditating with the quartz is one way of reaching resonance with the frequency of your compassion. It can help you release the emotion you are holding back and allow you to embrace a higher frequency of healing. 

Thus, the Red Quartz Crystal Wand serves as being an effective companion during meditation.

Physical Healing Energy 

Red Quartz Crystal Wand can help you stimulate the proper functioning of your heart along with your circulatory system. It can aid in relieving stress, tension, and palpitations. It can help stabilize an irregular heart rhythm.

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Love them


Beautiful stone color! Size is not too bad!


Very pretty.