Crystal Elixir Water Bottle with Tea & Fruit Infuser

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Restore balance to your life while enjoying a cup of water, tea, or fruit juice on the go with our Crystal Elixir Water Bottle with Tea & Fruit Infuser!

Each bottle contains 100% natural healing stones at the bottom that goes untouched by any liquid you pour into the bottle.

Now every time you pour yourself a drink these natural stones will be there to make that beverage more soothing, healing and revitalizing.

Place your preferred choice of tea or fruit inside the removable steel strainer, fill the cup up nearly to the top, and enjoy a healing beverage anywhere the day takes you!


  • Contains natural stones at the bottom of each bottle

  • Shimmering rose gold detail makes this bottle even more beautiful and stylish

  • The natural stones will help provide a calming state of well-being while enjoying your tea or beverage of choice

  • Combine with our special All-natural Healing Teas and Crystal Elixir Recipe Blends for a powerfully invigorating beverage.

Drink your favorite teas and beverages on the go with our Crystal Elixir Water Bottle with Tea and Fruit Infuser. Order yours today!

Capacity: 450ml


Rose Quartz (Pink) - A gentle and warm stone. Rose Quartz is like a bubble bath for your emotions. Many wonderful healing properties in this Quartz, including love, forgiveness, phobias, fears, and unconditional love.

Amethyst (Purple) - A very popular and powerful stone with ancient history of use. Amethyst may assist you in happiness, calming fear, emotional storms, courage, love, peace, addiction, dreams, helps with insomnia and nightmares, and considered the "stone of peace".

Quartz (Clear) - Clear Quartz is a stone highly valued for its spiritual and energetic qualities, known for being able to absorb and store energy. Open yourself up to source and divine wisdom with this Quartz. Clear Quartz is a master healer that will work on any condition, as well as amplifying and powering your intentions.

Citrine (Yellow) - Citrine is the stone of abundance. These crystals are invigorating and positive. They can surround and fill anyone with its brilliant color - energizing every aspect of life.  

Fluorite - Fluorite is a mineral that comes in many colors with many wonderful properties. Fluorite may assist you with balance, self-worth, new ideas and inspiration. The stone is also believed to improve bone health, organ function, and dexterity.


Fill water of desired temperature in the crystal bottle. 

Pick fruit slices of your choice and drop them in the bottle.

If you're a brew person, grab your loose tea or coffee and put it into the strainer infuser.

Dip the strainer in the bottle and fasten the lid.

Let the nutrition of the ingredients infuse in water while the aura and positive vibrations of the crystals purify the beverage and boost it with healing properties.

Shake well before hydrating that parched soul! 

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