Inspirational Lotus Candles Set

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Candles of Empowerment! These beautiful candles are a three for one gift!  It is the power of inspiration and intention from which these scented candles are created. They are accompanied by a golden pewter lotus symbol with genuine crystal in the necklace! These colorful candles have wonderful labeling, symbolic information and a burn time of about 40 – 60 hours!  A 3-in-1 gift: you get the candle, a crystal necklace and the inspirational guidance!

The Lotus is a delicate flower with many layered petals arranged around a central core. The Lotus flower exudes beauty and grace. The lotus represents a sense of purity, renewal and resurrection, since it is habitually rooting in the mud and pushing up through the water to bloom into a stunning flower! This gives them an otherworldly quality that makes them mystical enough for even religious ceremonies. It is also symbolic of detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals.

These aromatherapy pillar candles measure 6″ inches tall x 1.5″ inches wide. They are palm wax, lead free, hand poured and made in the USA. Ideal for use in meditation, color therapy healing, empowering dreams, or understanding your sacred energies. 


Spirituality – Amethyst: To recognize a power that is greater than our own is to recognize our Spirituality. We understand the mind/body relationship to be inspired by alignment with one’s Highest Spiritual Principle and by that awareness we can choose Truth. Amethyst is the stone of transformation, spirituality and dream recall promoting inner peace. contentment and meditation.

Friendship – Peridot: Friendship is a time honored and time tested relationship that shows us who is really important in our lives. It is the honor, respect and love we give to another.  Peridot is a beautiful, transparent green stone that attunes to the Heart Chakra for love, self-love and matters of the heart.

Joy – Aquamarine: Finding joy in things we do can give great pleasure, satisfaction and the ability to appreciate all that we are given in life! The greatness of finding JOY in anything we do is an art, which encompasses other feelings of appreciation, happiness and self contentment. Aquamarine has the calming, soothing energy of the sea. It is the stone of courage. Tranquilizing, communication, self-awareness, confidence, purpose.

Love – Rose Quartz: There is nothing more powerful the the power of love, baby!  It is the unconditional, real time, super open, always available and unrequited magic of love!  Rose quartz is the crystal of love and self-love. A beautiful stone that helps you to see love through rose-colored glasses!

Strength – Topaz: Being strong is not just a physical attribute. The “three strengths” are an interlinking bridge so by becoming more mentally strong, our emotional and physical strength follows. Topaz is a strong, steady, high level gem for mental clarity, focus, perception, high level concepts, confidence, personal power, stamina.

These lovely candles can also be purchased individually.

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Kim Z.

Love them! Smells lovely and they're so pretty. ❤❤❤