Gunpowder Green Tea

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Gunpowder Green TeaGreen tea is a non-fermented tea which retains the freshness of tea leaves. Green tea is characterized by its green color, delicate aroma, mellow taste and beautiful shape. If green tea is made in a glass, people can appreciate the beautiful dancing of the tender tea leaves and buds. Green tea is tender and delicate. Gunpowder tea is astringent and mildly bitter and you can add a very small pinch of Stevia or Spearmint to soften the taste. Contains caffeine.

Our Asian Teas imported direct from China and Japan, are a rich, aromatic herbal tea ready to be brewed into a delicious, healing cup of goodness! This soothing all natural tea has been grown and cared for under the strict standards of the State Drug Administration of China and Japan.

They contain no preservatives, pharmaceuticals or artificial colors. The Chinese classification of tea is different from that of the West. For example, in Chinese, ‘tea in red’ in Chinese refers to tea fully fermented, which the West calls black tea. ‘tea in black’ in Chinese is in fact, what the West calls Pu’er tea.

Our delightful teas are sold in 4 oz and 1 lb bags  the 1 lb size includes a FREE tea ball!