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Healing Stone Water Bottle

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Whether you're looking to experience the healing benefits of natural crystals or simply want to enjoy your drinking water on the go and in style, this Healing Stone Water Bottle is just perfect for you.

Each water bottle features a little jarred space at the bottom that hosts several natural stones that provide amazing healing effects you’ll notice when going about your day!

Easily create your own unique healing elixirs by adding different varieties of crystals to the bottle. Want more peace and balance? Try Amethyst. If you want to feel more warmth, compassion or self-love, Rose Quartz would be a good choice. Or maybe, you just simply love the beauty of crystals. This is a fun way to express your creativity and be inspired!

The glass water bottle is sealed tight with the stainless steel lid and bottom that make it extra stylish and great for keeping your drink insulated at the perfect temperature.

  • Contains all-natural healing reiki stones at the bottom 

  • Keeps your drinks fully insulated for hours

  • Made with borosilicate glass and stainless steel 

  • Available in several different natural stone options

  • Create your own elixir recipes or combine with our Crystal Elixir Recipe Blends for a powerfully invigorating beverage.

Keep your favorite beverage by your side with our Healing Stone Water Bottle. Order yours today!

Capacity: 500-600ml


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