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Heart Chakra Healing Crystal Kit

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Activate and open your heart chakra with this complete kit for cleansing, meditation and heart chakra healing. This Heart Chakra Healing Crystals Kit is perfect for increasing self-love, enhancing relationships, manifestation, aura cleansing, deep inner healing and more. Enhance spiritual growth and encourage loving vibrations within and around you.

Comes beautifully packaged, ready to gift to someone special. Make it even more memorable and special with a personalized gift message card.


Healing Stones: 

- Rose Quartz Heart Crystal heals the heart and centers feelings of love. (0.99")

- Amazonite to calm and soothe. It is good for the aura, heart, and intuition. (0.78"-1")

- Green Aventurine for bringing good luck, abundance, joy, balance and clarity. (0.78"-1")

- Rhodonite for nurturing love and kindness, emotional balance and healing emotional wounds. (0.78"-1")

- Desert Rose Selenite brings a sense of calmness and tranquility the longer it is with you. A very healing and powerful “tool”. (1"-3")

- Selenite stick used to drive negative energy from a space and enhances clarity, also possessing the ability to recharge other stones. (4"-6")

Energy Cleansing: 

- 4" Lavender Sage Bundle Stick to purify and cleanse spaces and auras.

*All crystals are natural and unique and will vary slightly in colors, shapes and sizes.

The kit includes a Heart Chakra Healing Meditation, Smudging Guide & Cleansing Ritual, and Heart Chakra & Crystal Education Cards - along with a beautiful burlap bag for storage.

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