Heart Chakra Self Love Healing Crystals Set

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Activate and open your heart chakra with this complete kit for cleansing, meditation and heart chakra healing. This Heart Chakra Healing Crystals Set is perfect for increasing self-love, enhancing relationships, manifestation, aura cleansing, deep inner healing and more. Enhance spiritual growth and encourage loving vibrations within and around you.


Heart Chakra Crystal Set: 

- Rose Quartz Heart Crystal heals the heart and centers feelings of love.

- Rose Quartz in raw form for heart healing, compassion and forgiveness.

- Green Aventurine for bringing good luck, abundance, joy, balance and clarity. 

- Rhodonite for nurturing love and kindness, emotional balance and healing emotional wounds.

- Desert Rose Selenite brings a sense of calmness and tranquility the longer it is with you. A very healing and powerful “tool”.

Energy Cleansing: 

- Lavender Sage Bundle Stick to purify and cleanse spaces and auras.

- Small Abalone Shell, feather, and wooden tripod for holding the shell.

- Pure Rose Essential Oil for aromatherapy.

Spiritual Bath:

Infused with positive energy, our Heart Chakra Bath Salts are an exclusive blend of special salts, herbs, and aromatic scents for the intention of opening and activating the heart and filling the aura with warmth and loving vibrations.

Selenite Glow Pendant:

Selenite is considered the “Full Moon Stone”.  Its white/clear striated crystalline body is a sheer source of calming, spiritual light. Each pendant is unique but measure approximately 3/4″ to 1″ in length. Comes with a complimentary silver-formed chain.

This kit includes a Heart Chakra Healing Meditation, Smudging Guide & Cleansing Ritual, Bath Ritual, and Heart Chakra & Crystal Information Cards for all of the included crystals.

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