Heart Chakra Healing Crystal Kit

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Activate and open your heart chakra with this complete kit for cleansing, meditation and heart chakra healing. This Heart Chakra Healing Crystals Kit is perfect for increasing self-love, enhancing relationships, manifestation, aura cleansing, deep inner healing and more. Enhance spiritual growth and encourage loving vibrations within and around you.


Healing Stones: 

- Rose Quartz Heart Crystal heals the heart and centers feelings of love. (0.99")

- Amazonite to calm and soothe. It is good for the aura, heart, and intuition. (0.78"-1")

- Green Aventurine for bringing good luck, abundance, joy, balance and clarity. (0.78"-1")

- Rhodonite for nurturing love and kindness, emotional balance and healing emotional wounds. (0.78"-1")

- Desert Rose Selenite brings a sense of calmness and tranquility the longer it is with you. A very healing and powerful “tool”. (1"-3")

- Selenite stick used to drive negative energy from a space and enhances clarity, also possessing the ability to recharge other stones. (4"-6")

Energy Cleansing: 

- 4" Lavender Sage Bundle Stick to purify and cleanse spaces and auras.

*All crystals are natural and unique and will vary slightly in colors, shapes and sizes.

The kit includes a Heart Chakra Healing Meditation, Smudging Guide & Cleansing Ritual, and Heart Chakra & Crystal Education Cards - along with a beautiful burlap bag for storage.

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